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The night of the 16th of September 2005

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The talking corner The talking corner
Not serious ;-) Not serious ;-)
Two for a pair Two for a pair
A shadow A shadow
The three mousquetaires The three mousquetaires
Miam ! Miam !
No way ! No way !
Gulp gulp Gulp gulp
Close range Close range
Lovely, isn't it ! Lovely, isn't it !
By three By three
A smile A smile
Cake Cake
Laughing ! Laughing !
Birthday flowers Birthday flowers
Laëtitia and Guillaume Laëtitia and Guillaume
Delphine Delphine
By four By four
Y'a de la joie ! Y'a de la joie !
Rock and roll ! Rock and roll !
Loop Loop
A tongue A tongue
Buffer Buffer
Buffet Buffet
Shirt coloured chips Shirt coloured chips
Cake and candles Cake and candles
Present Present
The card The card
Present from far away Present from far away
Inspiration Inspiration
The card The card
Surprise! Surprise!
New toy New toy
Chok Trio Chok Trio
Leaving Leaving
Zouz, not acting stupid Zouz, not acting stupid
Sweeties Sweeties
Yo bro ! Yo bro !
Let's drink ! Let's drink !
The last ones ! The last ones !
The last ones ! The last ones !
Smile ! Smile !
Bear Champagne Bear Champagne