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Trip to Las Vegas

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On the road... During the 10 hours on the road, we got plenty of time to enjoy the scenery ! 0 17
The MGM Grand This casino is all about MGM cinema company. So you get the lion... 0 5
The Bellagio One the most beautiful casino in Las Vegas.
The water show is performed every half hour
0 6
Paris, Paris... As you can imagine, it's all about Paris !
Pretty well designed...
0 6
The Luxor This casino is about Egypt and is well known for its black pyramid.
This pyramid is famous for the giant spot that ligths the sky when the night has come...
0 7
Caesars Palace This enormous palace is a good presentation of what could have been antique Roma 0 8
The New York, New York roller coaster One of the best roller coaster I've ever done !
Not to advise for sensible people !
0 7
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Arrival in Las Vegas Arrival in Las Vegas
Arizona Charlie's Arizona Charlie's
Excalibur Excalibur
Coke... Coke...
The Monte-Carlo The Monte-Carlo
Lance Burton... Lance Burton...
The Flamingo The Flamingo
A break ? A break ?
Patrice... Patrice...
Sunset Sunset